Cat Boarding

Cat kennels Yaletown Pet Hospital The Cat Quarters at Yaletown Pet Hospital

We are pleased to provide boarding facilities for your kitties, be it overnight or for weeks at a time. We have eleven kennels in a bright, spacious boarding area complete with climbing tree and elevated perches to allow your cat to move around, stretch, jump, and play. Our kennels are individually ventilated to remove unpleasant litter box odours and help keep the cat room from smelling like a cat house. We will do our best to ensure your kitty gets some time to get out to wander in the boarding area for a brushing or a cuddle at least once a day.

Feline boarder at Yaletown Pet Hospital A reasonably Happy Camper in our boarding area

We do require your cat’s vaccinations be up to date prior to boarding- we can discuss which vaccines are recommended when booking a kennel, or during an appointment. If your cat has any special health needs- diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid problems- we’ll be happy to attend to these and administer any medications that may be required. We also request you bring a supply your cat’s own food sufficient for the duration of his or her stay. We will feed MediCal Preventive formula- either dry and/or canned food- if you do not supply your own.

If we have previously recommended any tests or treatments (dentistry, lump removals, blood tests), you may want to consider having these done while your cat is boarding with us.