In general we recommend an annual examination for all your pets. As your pet matures, however, age related degenerative diseases become more common. As a result, you could find yourself visiting us more and more often.

Dr Vandermeer performs a checkup on a senior dog

Dr Vandermeer examines one of our older patients

When your pet gains Senior Status- generally seen as 8 year for dogs and 10 years of age for cats, preventive health care becomes even more important than in out younger patients. ABlood tests, chest x-rays, and blood pressure measurements are some of the things that may be recommended as part of a senior check-up.



Every November at YPH is Senior Pet month- we offer a Senior Pet package which includes a geriatric blood panel, a set of chest x-rays, an ECG, blood pressure measurement and a bag of MediCal Mature Formula, or Hill’s G/D diets, specially formulated for the needs of senior pets.