Pet Health

At Yaletown Pet Hospital we like to recommend an annual Wellness Exam for each of your pets. Preventive health care and early detection of disease are our goals. Keeping your pets healthy is easier and more cost effective than returning them to health Annual Wellness examonce a problem has been going on for a while.

The first step with most visits is the physical exam. If all is well, that may be all your pet requires until its next visit. Or, we may recommend vaccinations if they’re due, titre testing to see if your pet needs a particular vaccine, flea prevention, if it’s that time of year, or diet changes to address your pet’s age specific needs. If any health problems need to be addressed, we can perform a wide variety of diagnostic procedures on site.

We stock prescription foods by MediCal, Hill’s and Waltham’s to address a variety of specific health issues, supplements, grooming aids, and a full veterinary pharmacy. For more serious problems we have a full in-house diagnostic laboratory, as well as full dentistry, radiology, and surgery services.

As part of the Vancouver veterinary community we also have access to the diagnostic expertise of both IDEXX Laboratories as well as True North Veterinary Diagnostics, providing us with fast, accurate test results to assist with diagnostic work.