It’s September, So It’s Dental Health Month Again!!

A visit to the dentist is rarely a popular thing to do, but after getting your teeth cleaned they feel so shiny and smooth you can’t remember why you didn’t have it done sooner. Now imagine you didn’t floss regularly nor brush a couple times a day. Think of how mossy your teeth feel if you miss even a couple brushings, and how much more work your dentist would have getting your teeth into shiny, tip-top health if you didn’t brush on a regular basis. If you’re like over 90% of the pet owning public, regular dental health prophylaxis- daily brushing, oral gels, enzymatic dental chews and more- is something you don’t give a lot of thought to, and yet periodontal disease affects over 75% of our dogs and cats over 3 years of age. 

CatBrushingOwnTeethIf you haven’t had your dog or cat’s teeth cleaned recently, whether or not it’s something you’ve had on your ‘to do’ list, now is the time to act!.  September is Veterinary Dental Health Month- time to get those teeth checked out, and if recommended, book your pet in for teeth cleaning. During the month of September all of our dental patients will  have added to their Yaletown Pet Hospital account a credit equal to 10% of their dental services. All that AND a bag of dental goodies and information! 

imagesIf we’ve recommended a teeth cleaning in the recent past, now’s the time to get it done. If you’re not certain it’s time for a cleaning, book a complimentary 10 minute dental checkup with one of our veterinarians,  and we’ll be happy to tell you if a professional cleaning is in order, or if regular brushing will put a cleaning off for another 6 months.


Happy brushing everybody!!



 Please call us at 604-682-7389, or use Demand Force (our online booking system) to schedule your appointment. 



Yaletown Pet Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic, and is currently the only veterinary clinic south of Granville Street serving the downtown core of Vancouver.

As of December 2010, we moved into our new, much larger location at 893 Expo Boulevard, just around the corner from our previous location on Smithe Street.

 Parking  is available on Expo Boulevard west of Smithe and along Beatty Street.

There is also a parkade in the Pivotal Building, with access off both Beatty Street and Expo Boulevard.

YPH Lobby

  From its origins as Vancouver’s warehouse district, Yaletown has been transformed into an exciting  and vibrant neighbourhood full of interesting shops, amazing restaurants and a diverse community. The human population has brought along with it a huge number of animal companions, including a highly visible pack of dogs, and an equally large but less visible clutter of cats. At Yaletown Pet Hospital, we are pleased to provide quality veterinary services to the area’s furry family members.

To arrange for an appointment for your cat or dog, contact Yaletown Pet Hospital by phone at: 604.682.7389, or BOOK ONLINE by pressing the ‘Request Appointment’ button to the right.

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Sundays: 10AM to 4PM

*With the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day

In case of after hours emergencies please contact the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic at 604.734.5104. They are located at 1590 West 4th Ave.   PARKING: Parking in the neighbourhood can be challenging. There is generally ample street parking along Beatty Street between Nelson and Robson Streets, as well as on Expo Boulevard west of Smithe Street. Parking is also available in the Pivotal Building Parkade, and is accessible from Beatty Street just behind the 7-11, and from Expo Boulevard immediately east of the Immigration Services Offices.   Modern Dog promo