JULY is Summer Safety Month at Yaletown Pet Hospital!

It looks like summer is here to stay for a while! 

While you’re out enjoying the sunshine, remember that the sun and warm weather can take it’s toll on our furry friends. Recent tragic events involving pets and children  in several communities have highlighted exactly how serious being trapped inside a hot car can be.

If you must travel with your pets by car, please ensure that windows are rolled down or the AC is on. Also, travel with a bottle of water and a bowl to ensure your pets don’t get dehydrated. Park in shady areas, leave windows rolled down as much as possible, and keep their time in the car as brief as possible. Better yet, avoid traveling in the heat of the day, if this is at all possible. 

Even when out for walks overheating can be a problem, especially for our Pugs, French and British Bulldogs, and other short-snouted breeds. Long walks on hot pavement can cause burning and blistering of the foot pads, so try to keep longer walks to early morning or later in the day when things cool down. A nice swim, or being wrapped in a cold wet towel will help keep your pets cool on extra-hot days.

We do encourage you to keep your dogs active, but use your judgment and do your best to keep them cool!! We are available 7 days a week should your pet require veterinary care during the summer months, please call the clinic or check our website for more details.

We wish you a Happy Canada Day, and safe and fun filled July!!


 Please call us at 604-682-7389, or use Demand Force (our online booking system) to schedule your appointment. 



Yaletown Pet Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic, and is currently the only veterinary clinic south of Granville Street serving the downtown core of Vancouver.

As of December 2010, we moved into our new, much larger location at 893 Expo Boulevard, just around the corner from our previous location on Smithe Street.

 Parking  is available on Expo Boulevard west of Smithe and along Beatty Street.

There is also a parkade in the Pivotal Building, with access off both Beatty Street and Expo Boulevard.

YPH Lobby

  From its origins as Vancouver’s warehouse district, Yaletown has been transformed into an exciting  and vibrant neighbourhood full of interesting shops, amazing restaurants and a diverse community. The human population has brought along with it a huge number of animal companions, including a highly visible pack of dogs, and an equally large but less visible clutter of cats. At Yaletown Pet Hospital, we are pleased to provide quality veterinary services to the area’s furry family members.

To arrange for an appointment for your cat or dog, contact Yaletown Pet Hospital by phone at: 604.682.7389, or BOOK ONLINE by pressing the ‘Request Appointment’ button to the right.

Clinic Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8AM to 9PM

Saturdays and Statutory Holidays: 9AM to 5PM*

Sundays: 10AM to 4PM

*With the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day

In case of after hours emergencies please contact the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic at 604.734.5104. They are located at 1590 West 4th Ave.   PARKING: Parking in the neighbourhood can be challenging. There is generally ample street parking along Beatty Street between Nelson and Robson Streets, as well as on Expo Boulevard west of Smithe Street. Parking is also available in the Pivotal Building Parkade, and is accessible from Beatty Street just behind the 7-11, and from Expo Boulevard immediately east of the Immigration Services Offices.   Modern Dog promo